Top 5 Easter Nail Art Inspiration

Top 5 Easter Nail Art Inspiration

Each holiday has its colors. Halloween? Orange, purple and black. Valentine’s Day? Red, purple, and pink. What’s red, green, and white? We think you already know this one — Christmas!

When you think of Easter, what comes to your mind? We’re thinking of spring, and when everything comes back to life after winter, bringing an array of all things nature and floral. The colors are light pastels, such as baby blue, yellow, and green.

Whether you are looking to indulge in the floral things in life or just want to be the highlight of Easter dinner, there are a couple of ways you can liven up your nail art. Have a hard time figuring out your look? Here are 10 nail art inspirations to get the ideas going for Easter 2022!

Pastel Dots

Add some colorful dots to go with your pastel nails to make your nails pop. You can either go for an array of primary easter colors or jazz it up with a mixture of light and darker colors.

Go Floral

You can’t go wrong with a classic floral look. You can design a vibrant bouquet or make a statement with one on each nail. Whether pressed on or painted, this is perfect for an Easter hangout!

Matte Designs

Balance having cutesy easter designs with a cool matte background. You can dash a sprinkle of glitter or paint on a fun easter egg or bunny.

Pastel Nail Polish Combo

Combine two different nail polishes for a fusion of fun. Mix and match with light colors for a funky kind of nail design.

Zig-Zag Design

Channel your zaniness with a vibrant, zig-zag design. Whether using dark or lighter colors, this is a conversation starter for any occasion.

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