Get Ready For The Day With Lava Art In 5 Simple Steps

Get Ready For The Day With Lava Art In 5 Simple Steps
Try this 5-step skincare & makeup routine for healthy glowing skin with Lava Art!

Mornings, are we right? They’re not always the easiest, and can get hectic even if you’re an early bird – breakfast won’t eat itself, the dog won’t take itself out for a walk, and so on. However, balancing a healthy start to the day and trying to get yourself out of the door looking your absolute best is achievable, and it starts with a solid skincare and makeup routine.

Which, by the way, doesn’t need to be complicated. Yes! Looking flawless every morning is all about using the right products for your skin type and technique, rather than spending hours in front of the mirror.

Don’t believe us? Here’s a super simple 5-step morning beauty regimen that’ll not only make your skin fresh and bright throughout the day with Lava Art!

Step 1. Cleanse

If you put a lot of effort into your nighttime skincare routine and make a point of cleansing your skin to remove makeup and oil buildup, pollution and bacteria before going to bed, it’s important to repeat the entire process in the morning. Believe it or not, bacteria can also accumulate overnight, not to mention the dead skin cells your skin sheds during its natural regeneration process at night.

Use our Perfect Foaming Cleanser, a gentle and water-based cleanser perfect for freshening up your face, waking up in the morning, and washing off any heavy night creams.

Step 2. Hydrate

Between sun exposure and sweat alone, your skin already has a big job to protect itself. So the focus of your morning routine is all about protection and preservation and getting your skin ready for the day ahead – especially when it comes to hydrating your skin during summertime heat. For that, we recommend doubling (or even tripling!) on quenching thirsty skin with:

#1. Our quick-absorbing Perfect Hydrating Boost Essence, which will seep into your skin, providing it the hydration it needs, leaving it smooth and even, already prepping your skin for the flawless finish later.

#2. Our moisture-locking Perfect Facial Cream that’s also light-weight and water-based, meaning you’ll stay supple and hydrated all day long without any unwanted stickiness or oiliness that would make your base slip off and crease otherwise.

Step 3. Conceal

Time to neutralize any unwanted imperfections like breakouts, acne scars, bags under your eyes or redness around your nose. This is a crucial step toward building a flawless base before applying foundation. However, instead of going for a nude concealer, try one that targets a specific skin concern, like our Perfect Cover Colored Concealer. And if you’re not sure which color is best suited for your skin, here’s a little breakdown:

Green – Great for masking unwanted blemishes and red spots
Yellow – Tackle fatigued, bluish skin and brighten up your eye area
Peach – Use it to even out the skin and hide purple shades such as visible veins and dark circles

Step 4. Build the foundation

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget to mention applying SPF protection after moisturizer – it’s just that our Compact Cushion Foundation already has SPF in it, allowing you to reduce the number of layers (and steps) in your morning beauty regimen. Once your skin is prepped and the concealer has set, start building the coverage you want with just a few dabs and taps. The great thing about our Compact Cushion is that you decide how much product you want to use, whether you’re looking for a more natural “no-makeup” look, or a smooth and flawless finish, or… you only have 15 minutes to get ready for the day.

Step 5. Finish with setting powder

Almost done! Once you’ve applied the rest of your makeup, dust a little of our Perfect Stay Finishing Powder to really lock in your entire look and make it last the entire day. You only really need a tiny bit of the product, but make sure to blend it thoroughly to avoid looking pale and powdery.
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