Easy, Everyday Makeup Look

Easy, Everyday Makeup Look

Your everyday makeup routine doesn’t need to be complicated. You don’t need to spend an hour in the bathroom, baking and blending. All you need are a couple of trusty products that are easy to apply and look amazing. Keep reading for your step-by-step guide on an easy, everyday makeup routine that will leave you with a perfect glow and perfect finish. 

Before applying your makeup, it’s important to prep your face. If you’ve already done your skincare routine for the day, then you could simply pop on a Moisturizing Sheet Mask for 10 minutes to help hydrate your skin. Take this time to lie down, put on some music or podcast and just relax while it’s on! Follow this up with a light moisturizer like our Perfect Light Facial Cream and a primer to give yourself a hydrated base for applying your makeup. We also like to add a spritz of Hydrating Mist to really leave your skin feeling rejuvenated.

Step 1 of your actual makeup routine should be to apply some colored concealer. It’s important to do these before you apply your foundation so that it creates an under-layer to hide any blemishes. Our peach concealer is perfect for brightening fatigued skin and neutralizing any circles or spots. Our green concealer is used to reduce any redness: think breakouts, rosacea or just general sun exposure! Finally, our yellow concealer is perfect for hiding any purple hues and dark circles. 

Whichever color you choose (and you can use multiple colors!), just apply it anywhere you feel like you have some spots or blemishes that need covering up and go in with a beauty blender sponge and tap it to blend it all in. If you’re finished and feeling like you’re a little… green… don’t panic! This is what you want - a perfect underlayer for your foundation. 

Step 2 is now applying your foundation! Our Compact Cushion comes in its own cute case with a mirror and applicator, so it’s perfect for just popping in your work bag for any touch-ups during the day. Simply press the applicator into the foundation cushion a couple of times and dab it across your face. The key here though is to dab and not drag!

Step 3 is contouring and blush. For an everyday look, you could look at contouring along your hairline and below your cheekbones and then add some blush to your cheekbones. We always recommend starting lighter as you can always add more product, but it’s hard to unbuild makeup! 

The next step is a brow touch up. If you’ve already got defined brows, you may not even need to do this! But eyebrows can really help finish your face for that really complete look. 

The finishing step for our everyday makeup look is setting your face with some powder. Our Perfect Stay Finishing Powder is a translucent powder that you can apply to your entire face. Simply dip a fluffy brush into the powder and gently dust it across your face. Using a translucent powder will set your makeup without messing up with your makeup like a colored powder might.

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