How To Get Ready For The Day In 15 Minutes (Or Less!)

How To Get Ready For The Day In 15 Minutes (Or Less!)
There are days when you feel like you could conquer the world, and there are days when even rolling out of bed on time seems like an achievement – regardless of whether you’re a morning person or not. Although hitting that snooze button feels so good, you know if you continue, you’ll have to compromise and make up the extra time spent in bed in your morning routine.

And while on some days you can get away with a simple ponytail and no makeup, no doubt you want to look your best and presentable at work or uni. If only there was a way to get ready in 15 minutes, right? Well, there is, and it’s not as messy as you think.

1. Start The Night Before

If you have trouble getting up on time in the mornings, consider planning your outfit, packing your bag, and prepping your lunch in the evenings. That way, you won’t need to worry and rush around in the morning trying to figure out what to wear or eat, which can be a little overwhelming when you’re on a tight schedule. And if you want to really maximize your time getting ready, have a shower and wash your hair the night before as well — it’ll give your hair plenty of time to air dry overnight, and you’ll have more time to style them in the morning.

2. Get Smart About Your Skincare Routine

Unfortunately, skipping your morning skincare routine isn’t a good idea, even if you’re already late. Taking care of your skin regularly cleanses your skin from toxins, pollution particles, and excess oil to prevent blemishes or acne flare-ups and keeps it hydrated and glowing. So instead of removing steps from your routine, consider using products that pack a bunch. For example, you can use SPF foundation to reduce the number of layers you apply every morning and save those precious minutes.

3. Make The Most Out Of Each Minute

Multitasking may be a myth, but if you only have 15 minutes to get ready, every second counts. So why not kill two birds with one stone, and try brushing your teeth while brewing coffee or doing your hair while your oatmeal thickens? It may not always work out the way you want it to, and it all depends on your morning routine but practice makes perfect so play around and see what makes the most sense for you.

4. Simplify Your Makeup Regimen

Makeup doesn’t have to be complicated. While there’s nothing wrong with going without if you’re really pressed for time, it’s possible to get that flawless, everyday look in a matter of minutes — all you’ll need is an SPF compact cushion foundation, a colored concealer to cover up the bags under your eyes or acne, mascara and some blush. Compact cushion foundations are a great solution as they allow you to build up the desired level of coverage in just a few dabs, and you can easily touch it up on the go throughout the day.
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