How To Apply Compact Cushion Foundation for Flawless Coverage

How To Apply Compact Cushion Foundation for Flawless Coverage
Beauty trends come and go, but this one is here to stay (for a long time).

If you’re looking for a new go-to makeup product that’ll give you a smooth and seamless look, it’s got to be the compact cushion foundation. With more and more Korean beauty products making their way into the Western consumer market, the compact cushion has got to be our favorite!

However, applying a compact cushion can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re new to this type of foundation, or have been using a foundation brush or sponge. Any foundation used incorrectly will leave your face looking like a mask, so it’s important to know how to apply the compact cushion the right way so that you can enjoy an even and natural-looking finish on the go.

Why You Absolutely Need Compact Cushion In Your Life

Before we take you through a step-by-step of how to apply this type of foundation, let’s start by explaining what a compact cushion is and why you should consider adding it to your makeup routine.

What Is Compact Cushion Foundation

compact cushion is a liquid foundation encompassed in a convenient compact form. The compact cushion comes with its own applicator (the puff) that you use to gently build up seamless coverage. To apply it, you simply press down on the applicator to absorb the right amount of product and dab it away until you reach the desired coverage.

How To Use Compact Cushion

Compact cushion foundation makes it a great choice for days when you don’t feel like putting full makeup on, or when you’re looking for a lightweight and buildable full coverage in just a few taps. Although a compact cushion is not meant to replace your foundation, you can still apply both — but the cushion on its own will be enough to cover up imperfections and uneven skin tones for that natural, everyday look.

How To Apply Compact Cushion Foundation

1. Get Some Product.

Press the puff lightly into the liquid foundation once or twice to get enough product on the applicator. Be sure to cover the puff as evenly as possible. And although it’s super satisfying to watch the foundation oozing out of the cushion, don’t press the puff all the way down to avoid extracting an excessive amount.

2. Apply It To Your Face.

Now it’s time to gently tap the foundation onto your skin. It’s always a good idea to start small and only build more coverage on areas that need it, like the chin, nose, or forehead. The rule to remember when applying compact cushion is that you always gently tap, never swipe. And if you’re having trouble covering hard-to-reach areas, like under your eyes, simply fold the puff in half to give you more flexibility.

3. Blend It In.

When it comes to blending in the compact cushion, your fingers might just do the trick. Gently blend the foundation with the pads of your fingers, patting and rubbing into your face until the product is evenly distributed.
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