3 Steps To Flawless Skin With Full Coverage Foundation

3 Steps To Flawless Skin With Full Coverage Foundation

Full coverage foundation. It sounds so perfect, doesn’t it — in just a few strokes of your makeup brush, all imperfections could go away and you could enjoy smooth and even complexion for hours. There’s just one thing standing in the way of that blemish-free and flawless look: how to apply a full coverage foundation so it doesn’t leave that cringey caked-on feel?

Fear not, we have you covered (pun intended!). It’s possible to apply full coverage foundation so it looks and feels natural, and it all depends on the products you’re using, and how you’re applying it.

And the best part? You’re just 3 steps away from your skin looking its best.

Step One: Concealer

Concealer is the holy grail for hiding imperfections, and Lava Art’s Color Concealer is a gift sent from the gods. You can use it to rejuvenate dull skin, cover up imperfections, or simply to hide those nasty under-eye circles — if you're applying your concealer correctly, that is.

Start by applying several dots of the product around your eyes, and then gently start tapping in the dots with the tip of your finger or concealer brush to blend it in evenly. Thing to remember with applying concealer is that you never rub — only tap, so that your concealer doesn’t crease.

Once you’re done with your eyes, apply the product on any imperfections or uneven areas of your face, still following the tapping rule.

Step Two: Glow Cover

Once you finish blending your concealer, it’s time to make sure you shine bright like a diamond by using Lava Art’s Glow Cover. Lava Art’s Glow Cover is technically a foundation, but it doesn’t feel like it, and the puff applicator makes it so easy to apply!

Lava Art’s Glow Cover not only gives you the airbrushed finish, but it also has SPF-50 blended into the foundation and formed from vegan materials in a cruelty-free environment. Even though you can have a full coverage makeup look with only one coat, you can continue to build onto the foundation if you want to achieve a nighttime glam look.

Step Three: Perfect Stay Finishing Powder

If you’re used to thinking finishing powder is only for supermodels or celebrities, girl — you’ve been missing out. Finishing powder is essential for every look, every day!

Lava Art Perfect Stay Finishing Powder is an essential weapon in your everyday battle to look like your best self because it ensures your face will stay in place all day, no matter what your day brings. Our Perfect Stay Finishing powder has a beautiful translucent base, so you can even apply it without foundation to achieve a more natural look.

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