Must-Try Makeup Trends For Spring 2022

Must-Try Makeup Trends For Spring 2022
Do you feel like you need a makeover? Here are some spring 2022 make trends to help you get started.

It’s here, it’s finally here! After months of thick coats, woolly hats, and winter boots, we’re ready to put it all away and take advantage of spring’s fresh and vibrant energy to freshen up this season. And let us tell you, 2022 is all about looking (and feeling!) bold. We’ve been watching our favorite makeup artists, celebrities, and runway trends to see what makeup looks are going to rule this spring.

Whether you’re looking to try something new or want more of a low-key everyday look, here are our favorite makeup trends to try in spring 2022. Which one are you going to try first?

Statement Eyeliner

Move away, single-line eyeliner as double wings are making a statement this spring. As we mentioned before, 2022 is all about looking bold, so don’t be afraid to experiment with thicker eyeliner to make your eye look bigger and fearless.

A Dash Of Blue

Blue eyeshadow? Why not! Makeup looks from the 90’ are making a comeback in 2022, and that means ultra-vibrant tones of blue to accentuate your eyes. Don’t forget about the 90’s absolute must-have too: the lipliner.

Glossy Lips

Although making your eyes stand out is one of the biggest trends this season, lips are something you want to tone down on and avoid clashing colors. But, the 90’s nostalgia continues with glossy lips we can’t get enough of!

Rosy Cheeks

Forget adding a splash of soft red to your cheeks, and welcome bright (the brighter, the better) shades of peach and pink this spring! Don’t be shy when applying blush, as extending it over your cheekbones or even towards the outer corner of your eye to amp up the drama.

Natural Looking-Skin

Spring 2022 is all about looking fresh and as though you’re wearing no foundation to make your eyes look even bolder. Try using a light compact cushion foundation that allows you to build the desired coverage – or simply hide imperfections with a few dabs of the puff.
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