5 Minute Makeup Routine

5 Minute Makeup Routine

We’ve all been caught short on time in the morning. Maybe you stayed up a little too long watching your favourite show and hit that snooze button a couple of times in the morning. Or maybe you just prefer a quick easy, makeup look that takes no time at all! No matter your style, we’ve put together our favourite quick and easy, 5 minute makeup routine that will leave you with a perfect glow all day.

Step 1: Apply your Perfect Cover Colour Concealers

Our yellow concealer is perfect for neutralising any dark circles and hues which makes it great for applying underneath your eyes! Our peach concealer is perfect for brightening fatigued skin and neutralising any circles or spots while the green concealer is used to reduce any redness: think breakouts, rosacea or just general sun exposure.

Step 2: Blend with your Beauty Blender

After applying your concealers to your relevant areas, go in with a beauty blender sponge and tap it to blend it all in. We always recommend applying your concealer before your foundation, so that the colours act as a base and set under your foundation which will help leave you with that perfect glow!

Step 3: Apply your foundation

Once you’ve finished blending out your concealer, now is the time to go in with our lightweight Compact Cushion Foundation. Our Compact Cushions are designed to suit your skin type with ingredients that are all about hydration and formulated for smooth, flawless coverage. Coming compact cushion comes with its own applicator, which makes it easy to build up the coverage

Simply the dab the puff into the sponge and tap it across your face. If you’re not sure of your colour, check out our Colour Match Quiz to get your perfect match.

Step 4: Remove any excess makeup

Next up, we like to go in with a makeup wipe and remove any excess that has gotten a little messy or onto areas where you don’t necessarily want it. Think your brows and lips!

Step 5: Apply your contour

In lieu of going in with some blush, use your favourite contour product to add some dimension and shape to your face. If you’re still new to contouring, we’re shared our tips and tricks to help you get from newbie to pro in just a few steps over here.

Step 6: Set your face

Once you’re happy with your foundation and dimension, now is the time to set your face for the day. Our Perfect Stay Finishing Powder is a translucent powder that you can apply to your entire face to take any shine off. Simply dip a fluffy brush into the powder and gently dust it across your face. Using a translucent powder will set your makeup without messing up with your makeup like a coloured powder might.

Step 7: Make your finishing touches

Complete your look with a layer of your favourite mascara, a clear lip gloss, some colour into your brows and voila! You’re ready for the day in just 5 minutes!

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