Get Ready For Work In 15 Minutes With Our Compact Cushion

Get Ready For Work In 15 Minutes With Our Compact Cushion
For mornings when you really can’t get out of bed!

No matter how well organized you are, there are days when everything that can go wrong, goes wrong. It’s just how things are. Maybe you had a late night before, and simply could not muster the energy to get out of bed. Maybe your alarm clock didn't go off (or you slept through it).

Don’t you wish there was a way to get ready for the day in 15 minutes or less? There is — with our Compact Cushion foundation! Here’s how:

15 minutes to go: Cleanse

Don’t skip on your usual skincare routine, no matter how little time you have. Regular cleansing helps remove toxins and unclog pores, sweep away dry and dead skin cells, and make your skin look healthier and smoother.

12 minutes to go: Hydrate

This is also non-negotiable. Regularly hydrating your skin helps restore the natural oil balance when your skin is too dry or too oily, prevents premature signs of aging like wrinkles, and gives your skin a healthy and supple look.

10 minutes to go: Foundation

Time for our Compact Cushion to do its magic! Press the applicator puff onto the cushion and cover the puff with the product. Next, start dabbing the liquid foundation onto the skin as evenly as possible with light taps. Keep dabbing until you achieve the desired level of coverage.

7 minutes to go: Mascara

Add a little mascara to define your eyes and add intensity to your look.

5 minutes to go: Blush

Don’t forget about the blush! A warm peach or pink color on your cheeks will give you a more natural look and defined features.

3 minutes to go: Hair

Use a dash of dry hair shampoo to revitalize your hair after the night, and hide the fact you didn’t have time to wash it. Whoops!

Done! Now, all that’s left to do is put some clothes on, pack your bag, and make it through the door. Oh, and breathe out because you made it!
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