Get Inspired: By 4 Fabulous 50+ Females

Get Inspired: By 4 Fabulous 50+ Females

The beauty industry has been obsessed with ageing - or rather not ageing - for as long as it has existed. 

But things are beginning to change, social media has given older women a platform in a space they have previously been invisible in. These women are fashionable, fabulous and full of wisdom. Get inspired by a few of our faves!

Renia Jaz 

This Newcastle based fashion blogger is all about dressing for yourself, no matter your age. When speaking with WhoWhatWear about how her blog came to be she said ‘I wanted to show my peers that women over 50 enter a particular stage of life that can still be interesting.’

Her Instagram is a treasure trove of inspiration for fashion lovers of any age! 

Lyn Slater 

Slater, better known by her blogging pseudonym ‘Accidental Icon’, is exactly that. The professor of social work began her blogging career in her early 60s after being unable to find a fashion blog or magazine that spoke to women like her, who live ‘interesting but ordinary lives’. 

Slater told PrimeWoman she began to use clothes and her appearance to “counteract some of the invisibility that comes with age”, and with 759k Instagram followers, we think she’s doing a pretty good job!

Grece Ghanem 

Named the ‘Internet’s Queen of Ageless Style’ by British Vogue, Grece Ghanem is a force to be reckoned with. Known for her fabulous silver bob, signature shades and repertoire of designer pieces, she fights ageism with every Instagram post. 

“Stay visible!” She told Vogue, “once women pass a certain age, they don’t get looked at anymore. I don’t take that into account. I still wear things in a fun way. I don’t have to disappear.” 


BaddieWinkle, whose real name is Helen Ruth van Winkle, is 92 years young and still turning out looks that put ours to shame. 

She rose to fame at 85 on Instagram thanks to her carefree attitude and refusal to conform to age-appropriate dressing and continues to inspire her 3.4 million followers to this day - age be damned!

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