Easy, Ultra-Hydrating Morning Skincare Routine

Easy, Ultra-Hydrating Morning Skincare Routine

Your skin goes through A LOT every day. Between sun exposure and sweat alone, you’re skin already has a big job to do in protecting itself. So the focus for your morning routine, is all about protection and preservation and getting your skin ready for the day ahead. It’s also important for getting that really hydrated glowy skin before you put your makeup on for the day. And so, we want to show you through a really simple, very effective ultra hydrating morning skincare routine!

The first step in our morning routine is essential 2 steps: double cleansing. While in the shower, we first go in with the Perfect Foaming Cleanser which is perfect for freshening up your face and waking up in the morning and washing off any heavy night creams. If you find you do have some products that are left behind (or even leftover makeup from the day before), we recommend going in the Perfect Cleansing Oil by cleansing as usual in the shower, or adding some onto a cotton pad when you hop out and gently run it over your skin in a soft circular motion.

The next step in our morning routine is our Perfect Facial Toner. After washing, cleansing and drying your face, pop a little on a little cotton pad again and gently run it over your face. You can always go over your face another 2 or 3 times to really let it soak into your skin. A toner is a really great way to get the balance back in your skin, but also to reduce the appearance of pores.

Next up, is our Hydrating Boost Essence which feels amazing on the skin! Our formula is quick-absorbing and will seep into your skin providing it the hydration it needs. You can either apply the formula straight onto your skin or you can add it onto your finger tips first and warm it up before applying to your face by gently massaging it in. It’s also filled with ingredients that help with reducing the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. 

Now it’s time to moisturise! We like to go in with a reasonable-sized amount of our Perfect Facial Cream because we do want to ensure that our skin moisture is locked in for the day. Our facial cream is light-weight and water-based meaning you’ll stay supple and hydrated all day long without any unwanted stickiness or oiliness.

The last step in our morning skincare routine is a few little sprays of the Perfect Hydration Mist. Loaded with extracts, multivitamins and essential oils, it will leave your skin feeling nourished and rejuvenated and ready to take on the day! Just spray onto your face and then fan it in with your hands and let it set. 

After this, we ALWAYS recommend going in with your favourite sunscreen. Sunscreen is just as important as drinking water for your skin, and there are absolutely no excuses for not doing it! 

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