Coachella Looks: 5 Outfits To Take Your Festival Game To The Next Level

Coachella Looks: 5 Outfits To Take Your Festival Game To The Next Level

Festival season is back, and we’re here for it! It feels like it’s been ages since we were last able to enjoy summer the proper way, and it’s safe to say we’re all suffering from some serious festival withdraws…

Well, the anticipation is over as the biggest festival of them all approaches: Coachella. If you’ve never been — to say that you’ve missed out would be an understatement. Don’t think of Coachella as another music festival, think of it as an one-of-its-kind experience of great music, fashion, people and food.

And if you’ve already got your tickets and looking for some Coachella-inspired looks, you’re in the right place. Coachella looks is something the fashion world lives and breaths for, and this year won’t be any different.

Let’s get this party started with some of our top Coachella outfits to inspire you for 2022.

1. Glitter

Glitter is practically a must for the perfect festival ensemble. It can be on the forehead, outfit, boots, headdress, virtually anywhere! Forget choosing a single color of glitter when you can mix them all.

2. Statement Sleeves and Boho Vibes

Whether sheer, holographic, translucent, or simply holey, statement sleeves are everywhere that you look at any festival. Some wear leather jackets or shawls, but others have loose or see-through tops with gorgeous wide sleeves that add character to any outfit.

3. Lace, Boots, or Hats? Take Your Pick

Boots in any form are also part of an acceptable festival fit though they usually are either ankle or thigh. Trendy hats, as well as crowns, are the perfect accessory to unite Coachella outfits. Lace is seen in many outfits. There are lace tops, bottoms, hair accessories, jackets, and socks.

4. Black and White With Pops of Color and Glitter

Most festival outfits are either black or white with pops of color, often in the form of glitter or metal. Shoes usually tend to be either black, white, or a neutral-leaning color that helps unify the outfit.

5. Space Buns and Stars

While Coachella and most festivals tend to be in the desert, their outfit's inspiration comes from the heavens, or more specifically, space. Whether it is space buns or space-themed make-up, it is assuredly a prevalent influence in festival styles.

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