Clean Girl Makeup Look

Clean Girl Makeup Look
The clean-girl look has been circling social media recently and essentially is a, ‘no make-up, make-up look. Everyone has their own take on it, with people accentuating either the eyes or the lips for a bit of variation. This new make-up obsession has us feeling fresh and glowing. Here’s how we love to do a Clean Girl look!

Start by styling back your hair into a slick bun, this coincides with the trend but let's be honest, it makes it so much easier to apply your make-up (especially if you’re having a bad hair day). Because you want that effortless, model-off-duty look, start by priming your skin so the make-up stays. This way you won't have to touch it up throughout the day and you can focus on all of your ‘clean-girl’ errands.

The products used are the Perfect Hydration Boost Serum, and Light Facial Cream as these offer long-lasting hydrating results and add more glow and depth to the skin. To not apply masses of foundation (we still want to simulate real-skin texture), you’ll want to take the Lava, Perfect Colour Concealer and blend this into the skin with a damp beauty sponge to cover any potential redness.

Next, you’ll be using the perfect on-the-go cover-up which is the Glow Compact Cushion Foundation. This product is SPF 50, so will protect your skin from the harsh UVA and UVB rays. One layer of this miracle worker will give you a ‘my skin but better’ look. Forget highlighter, this product has all you need!

Take a contrasting darker shade in the same formula of foundation and place this on your cheekbones, under your jaw, the sides of your nose and on your temples for a contoured, yet Sunkissed look. Blend out seamlessly and move on to the next step.

Apply a peachy, subtle blush to the tops of your cheekbones to blend your contour and lift your face shape. We recommend using something with a slight shimmer in it, as these tend to apply evenly and adhere lightly to the skin (this step is optional and completely depends on what works for your face shape and skin tone).

Define the brows using powder (for a lighter look), gel (for a fluffy look) or our preferred method which is a brow feathering pen (this creates real-like hairs and only fills the sparse areas). Then apply a lip product of your choice! Glosses and peachy neutrals will bode well with this look.

Lastly, to set the make-up because we’ve used mostly cream products, apply a light dusting of the Perfect Stay Finishing Powder. This product is long-lasting and light-diffusing, so it will set your hard work perfectly.
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