Bronzed Glow Makeup Look

Bronzed Glow Makeup Look
While there is something to be said for a no-makeup, makeup look, we do still love a soft-glam look. A little bit different from a full-glam makeup look, soft glam is all about glowing skin, blended diffused eyeshadow and a neutral lip. We’ve put together our favourite Bronzed Glam Makeup Look and noted everything you need to pull it off yourself.

You’ll want to start off your makeup, like you would any other day - with your base! Take your normal compact cushion colour and dab it across your face using the application puff until you get your desired coverage. When you’re going out at night (and there possibly might be flash photography), we recommend using our Matte Compact Cushion. Now it’s time to get out that darker shade and let’s contour!

Follow the bridge of your nose, across your cheekbones and anywhere you feel like you need a bit more definition. If you haven’t already tried it, we love to contour using a darker shade of our compact cushion. Simply fold your applicator in half, tap into your cushion and dab the darker colour down your areas of contour.

Once you have your lines, grab your beauty blender and tap the darker colour back into your foundation. You will find that it easily blends in and you’re left with a more defined look to your cheekbones. Once you’ve finished that, it’s time to add some colour to your cheeks. Because we are looking to make this a soft-glam look, we would recommend using a rosy-kind colour.

Next grab your favourite powder and a big, beautiful brush and lightly dust it across your contour and blushed areas. This will help ensure the colours aren’t too intense in those areas and blend in beautifully with your foundation.

Moving to quite possibly our favourite step of a soft glam look and it’s adding some highlighter to the top of your cheekbones. We also like to dab a tiny bit down the bridge of our nose.

Once you’re happy with your foundation and dimension, now is the time to set your face for the day. Our Perfect Stay Finishing Powder is a translucent powder that you can apply to your entire face to take any shine off. Simply dip a fluffy brush into the powder and gently dust it across your face. Using a translucent powder will set your makeup without messing up with your makeup like a coloured powder might.

Now that our base is looking pretty good, it’s time to move onto your eyes and the first step is your eyebrows. Adding a little bit of powder to your brows can really help frame your face. To really bring a soft-glam look to life, take some beautiful bronzed eyeshadow and add a little bit of colour to your lids. Follow up with a winged eyeliner and a little bit of mascara and you’re almost done.

The final step to our Bronzed Glow Makeup Look is using some lipstick to enhance your hard work. While we would usually reach for a clear gloss, choose a beautiful matte pink lipstick to tie in with your beautiful matte foundation.
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