Breaking Down Coloured Concealers

Breaking Down Coloured Concealers
The hype around colour correcting is real, so here’s everything you need to know about getting started with coloured concealers!

If you’re a makeup lover, then chances are you’ve probably seen your favourite makeup artist or beauty influencer using coloured concealers. And while it can look a little bit daunting, there are actually (a lot of) reasons behind this madness!

Coloured concealers are simply better at hiding everything you want to hide compared to skin-toned products, from skin hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and blemishes to scars, blotches, and marks. Sure, your standard concealer probably already works magic on your face, but coloured concealers just add another dimension to your look, no matter whether it’s an everyday, natural or glamorous, evening look.

The colour variations can make it look a little daunting at first, so below we’re breaking down the different roles of coloured concealers and when to use each colour.

How To Use Colour Correcting Concealers

I’m using the Perfect Cover Colour Concealer range that comes in three options: green, peach, and yellow. These products are vegan, cruelty-free, and made using natural extracts and safe synthetic ingredients, making them a great choice for any type of skin, even sensitive.

If the different colours confuse you, don’t worry — once you get the hang of it, using them will come naturally. Here’s a little breakdown to help you get started.


Green concealer is the one to go for if skin redness is your biggest skin concern. Whether you’re currently going through an acne flare-up, noticed a nasty zit in the morning, have acne scars, or rosacea to cover up, green-coloured concealer is super effective in neutralising the redness on your face.

When it comes to applying green concealer, we always do it right after our morning skincare routine and before using foundation. Simply use the little brush that comes with the product to dab the areas you want to cover up, and blend it in with a beauty blender. And don’t worry if it still looks quite green on your face because it will absolutely blend it as you gradually build up your coverage.


Yellow concealers are great for hiding bruises, bags under your eyes, or veins — basically any purple-coloured skin issues. What we also love about the yellow shade is that it evens and smooths the skin, so you can even use an eye primer as the eye shadow base for a longer-lasting effect.

If you’re wondering if you can mix different coloured concealers, the answer is YES! I do it all the time, using the green and yellow for more dramatic effect on our faces. These really naturally blend in and they do offer an exceptional level of coverage compared to any other kind of colour stick concealers.


If you just have any areas that are looking really, really dull, you can give them a little boost with the peach concealer. Pink or peach hues are recommended for light skin tones that have a tendency to look fatigued and take on a bluish shade. Use it to brighten up your eye area and to cancel out any blue, green, or purple tones that are visible through your skin. Simply use a little applicator to dab it on problematic areas of your face, blend it in and you are good to go.
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