8 Self-Care Ideas That’ll Make You Feel (And Look) Better

8 Self-Care Ideas That’ll Make You Feel (And Look) Better
Taking care of ourselves can be hard work, so we thought we’d make it a little simple for you with these ideas!

Self-care is hard. You try to make more time for yourself and your favorite activities, but more often than not, you quit on your plans last minute because the dog needs walking. Or your boss called you out of the blue. You’ve run out of milk. We could go on, but you already know what it’s like!

But as the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup, so taking care of yourself should be one of your top priorities. Maybe you won’t always have the time to go for a few-hour hike, out for lunch with your girls, or simply have a long soak in the bath, but there are other self-care ideas you can try.

Declutter Your Space

Don’t worry, we don't mean the entire house — just your desk or a kitchen drawer. Spending 20-30 minutes decluttering can significantly decrease your stress levels, improve concentration, boost productivity, and feel good about doing something so satisfying.

Take A Cold Shower

Cold showers have long been considered a great energy booster with numerous other long-term health benefits, including relieving inflamed or itchy skin, increasing circulation or reducing muscle soreness, as well as improving mood and mental health.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

We cannot stress this enough: beauty sleep is a real thing! Poor sleep quality will cost you more than just puffy eyes since not getting enough sleep disturbs our body’s natural healing tkat takes place when we’re in a deep sleep.

Go Outside

There’s nothing worse for your mental and physical health than being cooped up in the house all day. So even if it means just running to a corner shop, try to get out for 20-30 minutes to get some fresh air and move to improve your circulation.

Swap Biscuits For An Apple

It’s OK to satisfy that sweet tooth every now and again, but consuming large quantities of sugar consistently can wreak havoc on your body and skin, starting from breakouts, acne flare-ups to hormonal imbalance, diabetes and heart disease.

Pet Your Dog

Or your cat if it lets you! There’s nothing more relaxing than giving your fur baby some lovies and belly scratches, so feel free to do it more often as it makes both of you happy!

Turn Your Phone Off

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to switch off and have a break from constant buzzing, Instagram notifications, or your mom calling to chat about your neighbor. And remember: don’t feel guilty about it!

Plan A Trip

Even if you’re not going anywhere soon. Is there a place you’ve been wanting to visit, but can’t just yet? Start planning it now — it’ll make waiting until you can travel there easier, and make you feel better in the moment too!
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