6 Beginner Makeup Looks That Make You Look Like A Pro

6 Beginner Makeup Looks That Make You Look Like A Pro
Although we often make it look effortless, learning how to apply makeup is not easy – even if you’ve watched countless makeup tutorials, you know it’s not just about on which parts of your face to use which product, but also which brush to use, or how to hold it. If anything, watching too many tutorials often makes it even more overwhelming, right?

But it’s never too late to learn makeup, and it’s not as complicated as it may seem at first, as not every look requires you to learn how to contour, or to spend hours in front of the mirror. There are a few easy beginner makeup styles that can be done in just a few minutes, and you won’t need more than 3-5 products to complete the look. Don’t believe us? Here’s the proof.

A Touch Of Pink
Image source: Pinterest

What you’ll need: foundation, blush, mascara.

Yes, you only need 3 products to recreate this gorgeous look for yourself! Whether you’re headed for a summer date in the park or brunch with your BFF, this is a perfect makeup style to try if you’re a beauty beginner. Start by applying your foundation, either to cover up the problematic areas of your face (like redness around your nose), or to even out and smooth your skin texture. Then, apply blush along your cheekbone and eyelids instead of eyeshadow. Finish the look with some mascara, and you’re ready to go!

Pro foundation tip: We recommend using a compact cushion foundation for easier and more precise application, as this type of foundation allows you to build up the desired level of coverage in just a few dabs.

No Makeup Makeup
No makeup makeup look
Image source: Pinterest

What you’ll need: Foundation, mascara, bronzer.

Looking for something quick and perfect for everyday look? Look no further than this super simple no makeup makeup look you can recreate in minutes, making it a great choice for when you feel like staying in bed longer, or when you simply want to embrace your natural beauty. To nail a no-makeup makeup look, build up a subtle foundation to keep your complexion look natural and apply a tiny bit of bronzer along your jawline (you can also use blush instead of bronzer), and complete the look with mascara.

Subtle Wing
Subtle eyeliner wing
Image source: Pinterest

What you’ll need: foundation (optional), eyeliner, mascara.

You think eyeliner is beyond your current makeup skillset? Think again, as you can create the illusion of a cat-like, elongated eye even if you’ve never even held eyeliner in your entire life. The trick here is to use a pencil eyeliner in a matt shade to add a subtle wing in the corner of your eye that isn’t too bold — the end goal here is to enhance your natural eye shape. And if you’re still unsure, stock up on Q-Tips and remember: practice makes perfect!

Full Volume Lashes
Full lashes makeup look
Image source: Pinterest

What you’ll need: mascara, foundation (optional).

Lash extensions aren’t the only way to get beautiful, voluminous lashes – all you need is a double coat of your mascara. This is a simple look for days when you want to make a bold statement without painting on a full face, and elongate your everyday look in less than 5 minutes. You can double-coat your lashes with just one product, or you can use two different mascara with different brushes, for example, one to elongate, and the other to add volume without the clumps.

Statement Lips
Statement lips makeup look
Image source: Pinterest

What you’ll need: Lipstick, foundation, mascara, blush.

Have a big night coming up? Don’t panic! Statement lips are a great way to infuse a little glamour into your makeup, and are super easy to recreate even if you’re a beauty newbie. The key thing to remember when trying to put your pout in the spotlight is to tone down the rest of your makeup and aim for a natural look. For tips and tricks on how to avoid lipstick on your teeth, head over to how to apply lipstick perfectly every time now.
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