3 Ways Makeup Will Boost Your Confidence

3 Ways Makeup Will Boost Your Confidence
Got a big day ahead of you? Here’s how makeup can make you feel and act more confident.

To some, makeup and skincare obsession might seem superficial, but truth to be told, wanting to look your absolute best isn’t about looks and vanity. Prime example? Think of the pandemic and lockdowns when we became used to not wearing any makeup at all, and rocking the sweatpants all day – sometimes even getting out of bed on time was an accomplishment!

Now, as life slowly returns to normal, we still lack the motivation to do the things we used to before. Some have even forgotten how to do makeup! While it’s important to remember you’re beautiful regardless of whether you decide to paint a full face on or not, here are some ways makeup can give you a confidence boost!

Makeup is a tool of empowerment

One of the biggest effects the pandemic had on us was a lack of control. Of course, the orders to stay in were to protect us from contracting the COVID-19 virus, but it made us feel as though we can no longer control our life simply because we couldn’t leave the house! Taking your time to apply makeup can certainly put us back in control of how we look and act since the simple act of applying it and enhancing our looks suddenly makes us feel like we’re back in business. Especially since the pandemic is slowly, but surely subsiding and we can finally start enjoying going outside again.

Makeup is self-care

Did you know that applying makeup is a natural mood booster? Even if you’re only doing it at home with the intention to wash it off as soon as you finish! Self-care plays a crucial role in our wellbeing, and even taking as little as 30 minutes a day to do something that pleases you and you only can make you feel a lot better and improve your mental health. Think of applying makeup as a little treat, whether that’s taking an extra 10 minutes in the morning as you’re getting ready for the day or taking an hour on your day off to try that new tutorial that’s been taunting you for days. Just remember: you’re doing this for yourself, and yourself only!

Makeup enhances your natural beauty

Despite what you see on social media, every single person on this plan has imperfections – acne, redness, dark circles, pigmentation – you name it. It probably doesn’t feel like it sometimes, but trust us, it’s not a big deal! Sure, some people may make negative comments about our appearance, but it’s important to remember that these comments or flaws do not define us as a person. For every flow, there’s something beautiful in all of us, and makeup is a fabulous tool to highlight our natural beauty and feel like a goddess!
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