Unpacking TikTok Trends: The Hack That ‘Hypnotises Men’

Unpacking TikTok Trends: The Hack That ‘Hypnotises Men’

If you ever feel the urge to spice up your makeup routine, a quick scroll on TikTok will provide all the inspiration you could ever need. Recently our For You Pages have been dominated by Halloween content but somehow, creepy cosplays aren’t the wackiest beauty moments we’ve come across. 

That title definitely goes to the #whitedot trend that has taken our FYP by storm - not because of how it looks, but rather due to the effect it claims to have on men...

This viral trend, also known as “the four eye dot trick”, or “the white dot method”, was popularised by TikTok creator Michelle Diaz. Diaz creates dating, love, and relationship advice videos while sporting this look, which she claims will ‘make him fall in love with you. 

Let’s unpack that:

How do you achieve the look?

The look itself is super easy to achieve. Simply take a white liquid liner, and carefully apply a small dot at the inner corner, outer corner, middle of the lower lash line, and middle of the upper lash line of each eye. Use your pupils as a guide for where to place the upper and lower dots. And voila! You’re ready to hypnotise the man of your dreams!

Does it really work?

Let’s be honest, probably not. While Diaz’s trick has garnered an impressive response, the results have been mixed. Some claim huge success, while others, (unsurprisingly) report disappointment. Bottom line? If it makes you feel good, rock it! The better you feel, the more likely you are to attract that mysterious stranger across the room, so we say go for it!

Check out Michelle’s vid here:

@bymichellediaz Reply to @ogeliza just posted a tutorial/what liner I use 🤌🏽✨ #whitedots #makeuphack #ThatCloseMessenger ♬ El Preso - Fruko Y Sus Tesos
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