Start Your New Year Off Right

Start Your New Year Off Right

4 Ways To Start The Year Strong

Happy New Year from everyone here at Lava Art! If you’ve had a solid start to the week, congratulations! If you feel like you didn’t start the new year off on the right foot, there’s always time to reset.
In light of welcoming 2022, here are four tangible ways to get you back on track and keep the momentum going.

1. Set your intentions

Be intentional with everything you’re doing by asking yourself why you’re doing it and how. Breaking things down will make them less overwhelming, attainable, and sustainable. Setting your intentions will help you focus on things that truly matter.

2. Breathe

We get so wrapped up in things that we forget to care for ourselves and get burnt out. Remember to take some time to yourself and take a breather every once in a while. It’s hard to see all the little things you’ve accomplished if you don’t stop to appreciate the little things.
3. Stop comparing

More often than not, we measure our success to those around us or, even worse, to strangers on social media. But what we forget is that we all have different goals and different versions of what success means. Define what it means to you instead of benchmarking yourself against others.

4. Identify your support system

When things go sideways, there’s nothing better than knowing there are people who will be there for you even on your worst days. Having a solid support system, be it friends, family, or hitting the gym, will help you bounce back faster than taking everything yourself.

We’ve all been there - it’s easy to get caught up in all the things we want to do when we get the new year’s adrenaline rush. It’s important to remember that we all get side-tracked sometimes, and the best we can do is be kind to ourselves and get back into the swing of things while also being realistic about our expectations.

Have a great year ahead,
The Lava Art Team

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