Our Post-Lockdown Beauty Routine

Our Post-Lockdown Beauty Routine

If you’re anything like us, your wardrobe and beauty collection is considerably more sizeable these days than it was going into lockdown. If there were ever a recipe for online shopping addiction, being locked inside for weeks on end with an internet connection and not much to do would definitely be it. 

Now, as vaccine rates increase and restrictions begin to ease, we’re finally getting the chance to take our new goodies out for a spin, and while we can’t wait to do so, there are some parts of lockdown life we’re going to struggle to let go of. No makeup, PJs while working, and heatless hair, we’re looking at you!

Our solution? A revised morning routine featuring no-makeup-makeup, a focus on skincare, and TikTok hair hacks.  

Here’s the plan:

Skincare, Skincare, Skincare

Introducing our cardinal rule for hot vax summer, say it with us:


Had a big night out? We know those makeup wipes look tempting, but you’re better than that. The outside world is full of toxins, UV rays, and other nasties with the potential to harm your skin, so don’t give in to temptation. If skincare wasn’t at the top of your list of priorities while stuck at home, it should be now. We’re not saying you need to have all the serums and spot treatments under the sun, but at the very least, you need a cleansermoisturiser, and sunscreen you can trust. 

Minimal Makeup 

You’ve put so much time and effort into that glowing complexion. Now it’s time to show it off! 

Ditch the heavy-duty foundations, bold cut creases, and false lashes for a buildable base, glassy skin, laminated brows, and translucent powder. Think natural, mask-friendly make-up. We’ll be opting for travel-friendly compacts to make on-the-go touch-ups quick and easy

Heatless Hair

If there’s one thing lockdown taught us, it’s that you can learn just about anything on TikTok. Our favourite lesson? Heatless curls. 

Forget the Dyson Airwrap. All you need for bouncy beach waves is your dressing gown’s belt. Simply twist your tresses up the night before and wake up with your hair done! Give it a try! Here’s our go-to tutorial. 



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