5 Inspirational English Women For IWD 2022

5 Inspirational English Women For IWD 2022

International Women's Day is a holiday that represents equality among genders. It means universal opportunities for women in society who have felt the brunt of unfairly being compared to their male counterparts in their industry. Women's Day helps bring to the forefront women who have made an impact and continue to do so in the world. 

The women in this list have accomplished leaving their mark in their industries during the present Day and history. They have trailblazed and continue to trailblaze while consistently helping shape their respected industry's face and purpose.

Emma Kane

With 30 plus years of experience, Emma Kane founded Newgate Communications, formerly known as Redleaf Communications. Founded in 2012, Newgate Communications is a global communications and advocacy group with 600 employees. 

Kane garnered experience through her in-house roles. She initially gained in-house experience as the Head of Marketing and Communications at the investment fund management division, ProShares. Although Kane faced specific challenges, she worked through these roles with vivacity and determination.
Emma's skills include Financial PR, Strategic Communications, and crisis management. In 2017 she was recognized in her field with the Freedom of The City of London award. 

Sumi Biswas

Sumi Biswas is an immunologist and the CEO & co-founder of UK-based SpyBiotech. She has helped to create two vaccines to aid in combatting Malaria. Each of these vaccines reached clinical trials, exemplifying Biswas' brilliance within the world of science entrepreneurship. 

In 2020 SpyBiotech signed a licensing agreement with the Serum Institute of India. This aids in the development of a new vaccine to help combat covid-19. Biswas plans to utilize their superglue biotech technology to help create commercial vaccines.

Pam Bateson

Pam Bateson is the CEO of Thrive Partner, an online business coaching platform. Thrive features 300 employees and operates 24/7. The company was founded in 2015, with Bateson being a lead consultant and an executive coach. 
Her clients range in the industry and include TV giant Viacom, England Rugby, PepsiCo, and Greater London Authority. Bateson makes her mark as she is also involved in various organizations. 

She has also been recognized several times, and her accolades include Time Magazines Best Female Entrepreneur of 2018, the Mayor's choice for the International Business Programme in London. She was also a speaker for Women of Silicon Roundabout. 

Helen Sharman

Helen Sharman was a chemist and, in 1989, became the first British astronaut. Out of 13,000 applicants, she was chosen for the outer space adventure named Project Juno. Prior to her journey into space, Shaman had an impressive background in science as a chemist. 

After graduating from the University of Sheffield, Helen worked in research and development at GEC in London. Once she completed Project Juno, she spent several years as a scientific presenter and speaker at events on television and radio.

Currently, Helen is only number six of the youngest people to ever leave Earth and voyage into space. After Project Juno, in 1990, she received the Royal Aero Club bronze, silver, and gold award medal. These days she is the UK Outreach Ambassador for Imperial College London. 

Rosalind Franklin

Franklin was a scientist who made history for discovering the double helix in DNA. This discovery helped establish an understanding of how DNA moves from one generation to the next.

Rosalind Franklin worked mostly alone when male scientists did not welcome female scientists. She spent 100 hours of photographic and mathematic research before finally proving the DNA structure. However, unfortunately, it would be 50 years before Franklin's work and contributions would be recognized.

Rosalind Franklin University was later established in 2004 as her namesake. An ode to the underrepresented aspiring science and health professionals in STEM. In 2003 the Rosalind Franklin award was created and awarded to recognize individuals in STEM for their outstanding work and contributions. 

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